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Bad training day?

Ever get confused as to what to do during a bad training session? Well, don't let the irritation get to you - try this instead...

Let's say you aren't feeling your legs as strong or powerful today, you can't squat as heavy as you usually do... instead, let's flip the situation and turn your workout into a great one!

Forget that muscle group for today, go ahead and try a different muscle group, maybe back?

Ladies, a strong back is a sexy back, you will feel it once you see it - besides, it helps your strength and overall conditioning.

Training a different muscle group doesn't necessarily mean you will become disproportionate, it will only be one day of training and cause a pump just for a couple of days. Working on your strength in the gym by focusing on less than 6 reps shouldn't give you large size, especially after only a few sessions.

So next time, let's not give up if our training session is going poorly, train something different and prepare your next session even better, to come back stronger and more beautiful!

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