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Exercise & mental health.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

As a previous mental & physical health sufferer (probably BPD) , exercise has helped me mentally & physically.

When I was 15 I binge ate just before a summer holiday, which led to me gaining 23kg/50lb in 4 weeks, that of which I lost it all within 6 weeks, thanks to weight training, some cardio and a meal plann, whereby I started to learn about macro-counting and portion-control. Embarrassingly, I felt the need to look good to be able to be confident in my own skin and talk to others... this should never be the case with anybody, I had such low self worth. Your personality, your mind is what makes you, you! This was a young mistake and not knowing self-love.

When you're young, you're prone to bullying because sometimes children are unaware of others' daily struggles and coping methods.

At 16 years young I got into a relationship that lasted nearly 8 years, during this period my weight fluctuated - I lost myself. Gym wasn't a priority, yet I still attended whenever I could, at least twice a week. My weight fluctuated throughout the years from 72kg/159lb to 83kg/182lb. Not attending gym regularly and depriving my needs of my own body and following another persons' workout, basically not training at my own pace, led to injuries and health issues such as rotator cuff tears, pulling of multiple muscles, migraines and even digestive issues.

The moral here is to understand that you should always make time for physical activities at least a couple of times a week to sustain mental and physical health. Always work around your body and listen carefully to your temple (body), because secondary to your mental health, your physical health should be a priority.

Looking good and feeling good does definitely work, but let's not get lost in these things... self-love via the ability to sustain happiness & health within oneself and spreading it to those loved ones are just as important... ask yourself, will your body make you more happy or your mind?

Don't get me wrong, exercise definitely makes us happy and helps us avoid health-issues such as diabetes, hypertension etc. Besides we all want to look cute in that new outfit - just don't lose yourself, don't overextend.

Healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa.

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