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Immunity Boosting Precautions Against Coronavirus

Okay, so there's no denying that somebody is catching the virus every few seconds nowadays, so I've made it my priority to help you battle through this:

1 cup - 128 grams

1 oz = 28 grams

Vitamin A -

Cod liver oil - 1tbsp = 4,000mcg


Yellow Fruit & Veg

Dark Green Vegetables, spinach 473mcg per cup

Beef liver - 2,000mcg per oz (organ meats are high in nutrients)

Sweet potatoes – 1,100 IU per medium size

Vitamin D -

Dairy products - Approx 10% recommended DI per 100grams

Soy Milk - 120 IU per cup

Fish - Tuna, Mackera, Salmon - wild caught has on average 512 IU

Vitamin C -

Red bell pepper - 190mg per cup

Kakadu plum - 5300mg per plum

Cherries - 50 grams, approx a small handful , 822mg

Whole lemon - approx 80mg

Strawberries - 1 cup, 89mg

Probiotics -




Cheese (Especially the smelly ones)





Consumtion of these foods daily, will allow a higher chance of prevention and immuniation of coronoavirus

Good luck to everybody!

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