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Mind Body Connection - Know What You Are Doing

Ever had a chance to stand blanklessly?

By this I mean stand still, your brain is thoughtless, your muscles are relaxed and you are non-reactive.

With this opportunity you'd get a chance to maybe understand a bit more about your body's desires. For example, when I do this, I ask myself a few moments later "what does my body feel like doing?", if I feel heavy/sluggish, that possibly means the body needs exercise, if it is tense, unable to relax and possibly blurry vissioned then I may be hungry, if my mouth is excessively dry and my thoughts are slow then it's thirsty... And for many other things I may have a burst of wanting to do something fun such as blog, go for a nice walk/place.

Another great one I like to mention is the skin, how is it feeling? For example when my skin is not feeling light and clean, it usually indicates I need a shower, when my upper back is itchy, it usually indicates excess energy, that I may need to eat less, stop overthinking, move more, change my routine etc. Dry skin also indicates thirst, discoloured skin will possibly indicate lack of nutrients, try having cruciferous vegetables.

Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, bored, uneasy and meditation isn't an option or your preference, try standing still for a moment, give your mind and body a moment to tell you what it wants, instead of you going about your routine like a robot.

Consider yourself, put your mind and body first.

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